Increase in rail travel in West Midlands region

The Office of Rail Regulation recently published the fifth edition of their annual yearbook, containing data on rail usage, rail performance, freight, fares, regional usage profiles, train operating companies and sustainable development.

The National rail trends 2007-2008 yearbook compiles four quarters’ worth of data, some of which is available regionally.

The data on rail use has been incorporated into our updated 2008 State of the Region transport dataset.

The number of journeys in the West Midlands increased by 12.6 points from 2006/06 on the 1996/96 index of 100.  Most of the journeys to/from the West Midlands were to/from London (17.6%). Continue reading


Road Statistics 2007: Traffic, Speeds and Congestion

The Department for Transport published Road Statistics 2007: Traffic, Speeds and Congestion on 24 July 2008.  This bulletin includes the first release of National Statistics on 2007 Road Traffic, Free Flow Vehicle Speeds in Great Britain, and Traffic Speeds on the Strategic Road Network in England.

The bulletin also includes further information about congestion on urban and inter-urban roads.  Data is available down to Government Office Region for several of the indicators, providing a useful source of data.