How is the Black Country performing?

Map showing the number of workless people by lower super output area in the Black Country in May 2008

Map showing levels of worklessness in the Black Country May 2008 (click map to view at full size)

How can we tell whether real progress is being made towards achievement of the Black Country’s aspirations?

The aspirations are set out in the Black Country Vision and the  Black Country Strategy for Growth and Competitiveness.

The answer may lie in the newly developed Black Country performance management framework, which consists of 24 key indicators that measure achievement of the Black Country Strategy.

Supporting maps for each indicator are available on Black Country Knowledge (registration required).

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Strategic leadership in a creative economy

Creative Clusters is an independent policy conference in Glasgow (17-20 November 2008) that will examine the growth of the creative economy.

This seems like a timely event to bring together those working – not just within the creative industries – but also in initiatives to encourage creativity as a driver for businesses.

One such initiative in Birmingham is Creative Republic, who hosted a discussion on how Birmingham’s creative industries can have a role in the Big City Plan.

One of the themes at the Creative Clusters conference is strategic leadership in the creative economy, asking “in a sector built equally upon input from business, culture and technology, who provides policy leadership?”

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