‘Green’ firms fight the recession

Wind farmThe environmental technologies or “green” sector is showing greater resilience to the recession than the manufacturing sector as a whole, according to recent skills research by the West Midlands Regional Observatory.

The environmental technologies sector comprises companies concentrating on renewable energy, pollution monitoring and waste management, amongst others. Although the sector has been adversely affected by the recession, companies are fairing better than their counterparts in other sectors.

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Impact of the recession on environmental technologies sector

Wiring cables on building course at Stourbridge CollegeThe Observatory’s skills team is working on a skills review of the environmental technologies sector (such as renewable energy, pollution monitoring and waste management) on behalf of the Learning & Skills Council, Advantage West Midlands and local authorities in the West Midlands.

While we expect to publish in summer 2009, we can report now on emerging findings from our online survey (PDF, 295KB) relating to the impact of the recession for environmental technology firms.
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