Guidance for local authorities undertaking research into culture

Stratford Royal Shakespeare theatre at nightEver read through a research report and wished that you could have the same types of information for the geographical area that you live and work in?

With this in mind, the West Midlands Cultural Observatory has just published a guidance paper (Word, 226KB) aimed at local authorities in the West Midlands who want to replicate the research presented in the two recent evidence papers:

This includes, for example, research into:

  • Numbers of people employed by cultural and creative industries.
  • Rates of participation in cultural pursuits such as visits to museums and art galleries and participation in sport.
  • Cultural attractions based in the area.

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Crime mapping in the news

There have been a number of articles on the subject of crime mapping published in the Guardian’s Free our data blog over the last few weeks following Boris Johnson’s pledge to introduce crime mapping in London as part of his mayoral campaign.

The articles discuss the arguments for and against crime mapping and a couple look at the experience of the crime mapping in Chicago.

Here are links to some of those articles:

In our region, West Midlands police are already making crime maps publicly accessible through, and the government appears set to make such maps available across England and Wales according to a recent BBC news article, Online maps to show local crime.