Volunteers in West Midlands museums and galleries outnumber paid employees by more than 2:1

Forthcoming research from the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council will highlight the abundance of volunteers working within local museums and galleries.

Given the increasing interest in the role of volunteering can play in keeping people ‘job ready’ during the recession, this finding may well attract interest from beyond the heritage sector.

Along with a detailed look at the profile of the workforce, Fast Forward 2008 will provide an update on a range of variables, including levels of visiting and average service standards (disability access, audience development, and so on) within West Midlands museums.

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Diagnosis of the Active People Survey online diagnostic tool

Active people

Active People Diagnostic is an interactive online tool that enables you to explore Sport England’s Active People Survey results in detail.

I’ve been aware of this tool for some time, but have recently become more interested in its capabilities since the results of the second Active People Survey were added – meaning the tool now allows for comparison between the results of Active People 1 (2005/06) and Active People 2 (2007/08).

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