Crime in England and Wales 2007/08

The Home Office has recently released their annual publication Crime in England and Wales for 2007/08  This is the seventh report in the series which combines reporting of police report crime and the British Crime Survey.

The police recorded and BCS figures are a complementary series that together provide a better picture of crime than could be obtained from either series alone.  Commentary and accompanying data are available on a range of different types of crime, for example: vehicle crime, violent crime, and burglary in addition to fear of crime.

In line with the data release, you may be interested to know that the crime indicators within the State of the Region 2008 Quality of Life dataset have been updated.

West Midlands worst for fear of homophobic hate crime

The West Midlands heads some league tables that it can be proud of, but this is not one of them.  According to new research published by Stonewall, gays and lesbians are more likely to fear homophobic hate crime in the West Midlands than anywhere else in the UK. Of course fear of crime isn’t the same as being a victim of crime, but as the saying goes “perception is reality”. This and other issues are explored in The gay British crime survey 2008, which can be found in our resource catalogue.