Communicating information and data through story-telling

Communicating information and data to other people – transferring the idea in your brain to those you are speaking with – is done most effectively by story-telling.

This is the key point I took away from an event on ‘Communicating Effectively’ by Intelligence East Midlands held in Nottingham last week.

I spent an informative day learning from Warren Pearce and Nicola Underdown, and other participants at the event, on how to practically improve communication of ideas and data.

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70 posts and onwards: WMRO’s social media journey

Students at Aston University with laptopThis Observations site was started at the end of July 2008. The main reason for the site, as the tagline at the top suggests, is to highlight, comment on and signpost to data and intelligence relating to the West Midlands.

After three months and 70 posts, it seems like a good time to quickly review what has happened and gather some ideas on going forward.

It”d be great to learn if the posts written so far on Observations are interesting to you? Are we writing about the right topics? Are there specific topics that we’re not covering that you think should be discussed? Please do add your comments.

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