Office for National Statistics West Midlands newsletter September-October 2010

Office for National StatisticsThis is the last newsletter from ONS West Midlands – the regional statistician service ceased in the West Midlands as of 21 October 2010.

The newsletter contains information on statistical consultations together with recent and planned ONS publications that might be of interest to you.

Current consultations

Public consultation on potential changes to outputs from the International Trade in Services surveys

Users of International Trade in Services data are being given the opportunity to comment on the extent to which existing outputs meet their current and future requirements, along with suggestions on what changes could be made to better meet their needs.

Find out how to submit your comments

General ONS and statistical articles of interest (to October 2010)

Estimating regional exports of services trade for the UK

Issued October 2010

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) undertakes an annual analysis of regional exports of services. Coverage is limited to about 30% of the value of the UK’s exports of services and includes communication, computer and information and parts of royalties and license fees and other business services. This paper (pdf, 231kb) describes the methodology used, the available results and the limitations of the analysis.

Total public service output, inputs and productivity

Issued October 2010

In 2008, public service accounted for approximately 22% of the expenditure measure of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the UK. The Office for National Statistics has published periodic assessments of the productivity performance of key public services. This article (pdf, 179kb) updates the experimental estimates for all public services which were produced in 2009.

Painting a Picture of Place Series – a profile of business

Issued October 2010

The topic profile from the ONS paints a picture of business using Official Statistics and other data sources. It also highlights interesting data for further analyses and explains what needs to be considered when using these sources.

Noteworthy official statistics data releases (to October 2010)

Work and worklessness among households – 2010 release

Issued September 2010

Provides information about working age households, and about the adults and children living in them, by household economic activity status. Read more »

Sub-regional public and private employee job estimates

Issued September 2010

This data provides the level of public and private sector employee jobs by Local Authority and Travel to Work Area from 2003 to 2008. Read more »

UK regional trade in goods estimates – Q2 2010

Issued September 2010

Statistics of international trade in goods for the English regions, published by HM Revenues & Customs. Read more »

Updated local profile data CD

Issued 30 September 2010

ONS have released an updated version of a free CD with local data for a range of social, economic and environmental indicators. The ONS Centre for Regional and Local Statistics developed these profiles, which represent a significant milestone in providing local authorities with the means to gain value from official statistics – and are intended to facilitate Local Economic Assessments. Read more »

Child poverty local profile data tool

Issued September 2010

The West Midlands & East Midlands ONS Statisticians were responsible for producing the child poverty local profile data tool (xls, 5.23mb), intended to facilitate local authorities in producing their Child Poverty Needs Assessments. The data tool automatically generates tables, charts and texts for a range of national indicators relating to child poverty at local authority level.

Births by usual residence of mother – 2009

Issued September 2010

Data on birth registrations in England and Wales by area of usual residence of mother. The tables contain summary data for live births for local authorities and health areas including figures by age of mother. Read more »

Labour market statistics

Issued October 2010

The data (zip, 2.9mb) released 13 October 2010 covers the three months to August 2010 and includes the claimant data for September 2010. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in the West Midlands was 8.0%, down 2.4 percentage points year-on-year and down 0.6 percentage points quarter on quarter (UK=7.7%), and equates to 216,000 people unemployed in the West Midlands.

The claimant count rate in the West Midlands stands at 5.8% (UK=4.5%), which equates to 159,100 claimants in the West Midlands.

Life expectancy at birth and at age 65 by local authority in the UK

Issued October 2010

Life expectancy at birth and at age 65 results for health and local authorities in the UK. Read more »

Small and medium sized enterprise statistics (SME) – 2008 edition

Issued 13 October 2010

Presents the number of enterprises (businesses) in the UK along with turnover and employment in these enterprises. Read more »

Latest news on the 2011 Census

The latest newsletter, Census Talk Summer 2011, focuses on the findings and the resultant actions implemented now as a result of the Census rehearsal, which took place in 2009.

Looking ahead (November/December 2010)

Population estimates by ethnic group (experimental) – mid 2008

To be released in October 2010

Population estimates by ethnic group for English and Welsh local authorities, by age and sex. Read more »

Civil service employment statistics 2010

Issued 19 November 2010

Presents the latest civil service employment statistics. Read more »

Annual survey of hours and earnings – 2010 results

To be released November 2010

The annual survey of hours and earnings provides information about the levels and distribution of earnings and hours paid for employees within industries, occupations and regions.

Long term international migration 2010

To be released 25 November 2010

Annual statistics on flows of international migrants to and from the UK and England and Wales. Read more »

Family spending – a report on the 2009 living costs and food survey

To be released 30 November 2010

Results of the 2009 living costs and food survey (formerly the expenditure and food survey). Read more »

NEET statistics – quarterly brief – quarter 3 2010

To be released 23 November 2010

This brief sets out the latest statistics available on NEET in England from DfE 16-18 participation SFR, the Labour Force Survey, and regional NEET figures and a segmentation using Connexions data. Read more »

Regional economic activity (GVA) – December 2010

To be released 8 December 2010

Shows economic activity as measured by Gross Value Added (GVA) for English regions including component tables and industry group totals. Read more »

Life opportunities survey interim wave one results 2010

To be released 9 December 2010

Statistics on the life opportunities people in Great Britain have and how these vary by social and demographic characteristics.  Read more »

Electricity consumption at local authority level during 2009

To be released 9 December 2010

Release includes statistics on domestic/commercial consumption in the local authorities of Great Britain. Read more »

Other news

ONS regional statistics bulletin – September 2010

The bi-monthly bulletin provides the wider statistical community with examples of work being undertaken by the ONS Regional Statisticians across the English regions. This month’s edition (pdf, 211kb) includes:

  • Impact of changing demography on industrial employment patterns in the East of England.
  • Regional trends portrait of the North East.
  • Urban Audit IV

Goodbye from the ONS in the West Midlands!

Stuart Onyeche has since taken up a new role in the ONS Public Services Division as part of the Central Government Team at Newport. In the current financial climate ONS are unable to continue the regional statistician service, hence the service ceased in the West Midlands as of 21 October 2010.

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