Office for National Statistics West Midlands newsletter July-August 2010

Office for National StatisticsThis newsletter contains information on statistical consultations together with recent and planned ONS publications that might be of interest to you.

Current consultations

CLG consultation response: proposed changes to National Statistics publication on household projections

This report summarises the responses to the proposed changes to National Statistics outputs that were consulted on earlier this year. Analysis of all of the submissions received indicated a broad level of support for the changes in methodology and outputs proposed. The proposed changes are intended to be adopted in the household projections to be published in October/November 2010.

General ONS and statistical articles of interest (to August 2010)

SOC2010: revision of the Standard Occupational Classification

Issued July 2010

This article describes the revision of the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) from its 2000 to its 2010 version (SOC2010). It details the revision process, outlines the major areas of change, and the impact of these changes on national estimates of employment by occupation. The new SOC codes will be adopted for the Census in 2011, and used more widely from 2012 in other ONS outputs.

The changing face of public sector employment 1999-2009

Issued July 2010

This article presents an analysis of public sector employment and makes comparisons with the private sector, using data from the Labour Force Survey and Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings. It indicates in the West Midlands, public sector employment increased from 489,000 in 2008 to 507,000 in 2009.

Characteristics of the underemployed and the overemployed in the UK

Issued July 2010

Underemployment and overemployment represents two scenarios whereby there is a mismatch between an individual’s preferred and actual number of work hours. This article examines the levels of underemployment and overemployment in the UK between 2001 and 2010, and describes changes at the time of the 2008-09 recessions. Includes regional analysis.

The labour market in the 1980s, 1990s and 2008/09 recessions

Issued August 2010

This article analyses and compares the movements in key labour market outcomes during the last three recessions and in the first six months of recovery. Includes some regional analysis.

Impact of the recession on households

Issued August 2010

This article examines the impact of the recent recession on households in the UK, using the Labour Force Survey and the Living Costs and Food Survey. Includes some regional analysis.

An analysis of the Jobseeker’s Allowance during the recession

Issued June 2010

This article looks at some of the main trends in the proportion of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance, at the national and regional level, and then uses the publicly available Change Over Time Analysis data tool to look at changes for a selection of local authorities.

Noteworthy Official Statistics data releases (to August 2010)

Labour Market Statistics

Issued August 2010

The data released 11 August (zip, 2.9mb) covers the 3 months to June 2010 and includes the claimant data for July 2010. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in the West Midlands was 8.3 per cent, down 2.4 percentage points year-on-year and down 1.0 percentage points quarter on quarter (UK = 7.8 per cent), and equates to 221,000 people unemployed in the West Midlands.

The claimant count rate in the West Midlands stands at 5.8 per cent (UK = 4.5 per cent), which equates to 159,400 claimants in the West Midlands. The latest release also includes local authority area data covering January 2009 to December 2009, and shows the unemployment rate at its highest in Sandwell (14.2 per cent).

Construction Statistics Annual 2009

Issued August 2010

This publication brings together a wide range of statistics that are currently available on the construction industry, including government office regions and local authority level data. The latest data indicates that all contractors’ construction output in the West Midlands was valued at £11.9 billion in 2009, compared to £15.3 billion in 2008.

Annual Business Inquiry (ABI) regional data by industry – 2008

Issued August 2010

This publication includes data for government office regions at the 2 digit division level of SIC07 for total turnover, approximate gross value added, total purchases, and employment costs.

Quarterly Public Sector Employment Survey – Q4 2009

Issued August 2010

This data release by the Local Government Association lists public sector employment from the survey for all local authorities in England and Wales. Data is available for Q2 2006 onwards. The Q4 2009 data indicates that there were 175,000 full time equivalents employed in local authorities in the West Midlands, compared to 175,600 in Q4 2008.

Internet access: households and individuals – 2009

Issued August 2010

The data tables on internet access show information about both households with home access to the internet and individuals’ use of the internet. The National Statistics Omnibus Survey is the source of the data. Regional data is also included, and it indicates that in the West Midlands, 67 per cent of households are estimated to have access to the internet at home (UK = 70 per cent).

Latest news on the 2011 Census

Census Talk, summer 2011 – special edition

The latest newsletter with updates on the 2011 Census focuses on the findings and the resultant actions implemented now as a result of the Census rehearsal, which took place in 2009.

Thirteen ONS Area Managers are now in place across the West Midlands, and have begun actively engaging with the local authorities in preparation for the Census. More information about the build up to the Census can be found on the enhanced Census communications website.

Looking ahead September–October 2010

Work and worklessness among households – 2010 release

To be released 8 September 2010

Provides information about working age households, and about the adults and children living in them, by household economic activity status.

Updates on the publication hub

UK regional trade in goods estimates – Q2 2010

To be released 9 September 2010

Statistics of international trade in goods for the English regions, published by HM Revenues and Customs.

Updates on the publication hub

Labour Market Statistics – September 2010

To be released 15 September 2010

Includes the unemployment, employment rate and activity rate statistics for English regions to July 2010. Will also include the claimant count data to August 2010.

The current data

Births by usual residence of mother – 2009

To be released 16 September 2010

Data on birth registrations in England and Wales by area of usual residence of mother. The tables contain summary data for live births for local authorities and health areas including figures by age of mother.

Updates on the publication hub

Life expectancy at birth and at age 65 by local authority in the UK

To be released 19 October 2010

Life expectancy at birth and at age 65 results for health and local authorities in the UK.

Updates on the publication hub

Small and medium sized enterprise statistics (SME) – 2008 edition

To be released October 2010

Presents the number of enterprises (businesses) in the UK along with turnover and employment in these enterprises.

Updates on the publication hub

Other news

ONS Regional Statistics Bulletin – July 2010

The bi-monthly bulletin provides the wider statistical community with examples of work undertaken by the ONS Regional Statisticians across the English regions. The July edition (pdf, 191kb) includes:

  • Defining the South East England’s development agency priority sectors.
  • Insolvencies in the recent recession.
  • Core indicators for North West’s local economic assessments.

Bank of England – Agents’ summary of business conditions – August 2010

This publication (pdf, 53kb) is a summary of monthly reports compiled by the Bank of England’s Agents following discussions with contacts in the period between late June 2010 and late July 2010. It provides information on the state of business from companies across all sectors of the economy.

Eurostat’s Urban Audit – your help needed

A number of local authorities in the West Midlands have again been included in Eurostat’s Urban Audit data collection. This will be the fourth data collection adding to the time series of data already held by Eurostat.

The Urban Audit is a joint project by the European Commission and the European Statistical System to provide reliable and comparative statistical information on selected urban areas. Most of the data will be collected by the ONS from Official Statistical sources, but for a few measures ONS will seek to liaise with the relevant local authorities with a view to sourcing the data. I will be in touch with some of you in the coming days for your help on sourcing data that may be held locally.

More on urban audit

Top tip – boundary viewer mapping tool available via Neighbourhood Statistics

You can use the ONS boundary viewer to map, view and download the latest boundaries for a range of geographies, including wards, super output areas (SOAs), and local authority boundaries.


If you have any questions or need advice on sourcing official statistics feel free to get in touch.

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