Job opportunity: SCPnet

The Environment Agency are looking to second a suitable individual for a period of 3-6 months to help strengthen the SCPnet (Sustainable consumption and production network) and secure its long term future.

Whilst there are a number of short and medium term priorities for SCPnet, the main over-riding activities will be:

1. Widening and strengthening the network, identifying which groups and stakeholders SCPnet could support. Given the clear emphasis of the new government on supporting sub-regional and local decision making and encouraging business input at this level it would seem clear that SCPnet activities should also be focused at this level.

2. Clarifying the SCPnet offering, improving communications and disseminating SCP modelling and research work.

3. Ensuring that SCPnet meets its research commitments to the European Topic centre on SCP. There are several pieces of work outstanding as part of the Topic Centre and it is important that SCPnet meet its obligation here .

Given the priorities outlined above SCPnet would clearly benefit from the input of a focused and dynamic individual with the ability to think strategically and an interest and experience in the field of SCP.

Of particular importance at this time is someone able to deal with the uncertainties of the current political situation, identifiy the potential opportunities for SCPnet and to take the lead on developing relationships with potential new SCPnet members.

An ideal candidate would have a good understanding of:

  • Regional and local political delivery landscape
  • The Regional Development Agency network
  • Workings of the Environment Agency
  • National delivery bodies related to SCP such as WRAP, Defra and others
  • Potential private sector businesses such as large retailers who might be interested in how SCPnet could support them in understanding consumption/production and environmental impact.

If you or any of your colleagues would be interested in this opportunity and wish to discuss it further, contact Martin Brocklehurst at the Environment Agency.

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