Office for National Statistics West Midlands newsletter May/June 2010

Office for National StatisticsThis newsletter contains information on statistical consultations together with recent and planned ONS publications that might be of interest to you.

Current consultations

ONS consultation: User Engagement Strategy (open until 1st September)

The purpose of this consultation is to seek views on the user engagement strategy for the Office for National Statistics. It sets out each of the engagement approaches, defines the communication process and ONS’ approach to each. The ONS welcomes informed views from any quarter and therefore invites responses from interested parties.

Find out how to contribute your views

General ONS articles of interest (to June 2010)

Comparing different estimates of productivity produced by the Office for National Statistics

Issued May 2010

This article describes the three different types of productivity
measures which ONS publishes and examines the particular question of comparing public and private sector productivity.

Labour productivity measures from the Annual Business Inquiry (ABI): 1998 to 2007

Issued May 2010

This article presents current price labour productivity estimates using published data from the Annual Business Inquiry (ABI). It is found that capital intensive industries generally exhibited both higher levels of labour productivity, and growth in labour productivity, between 1998 and 2007.

The economic impact of tourism across regions and nations of the UK

Issued May 2010

This article reports on work undertaken by the ONS Tourism Intelligence Unit to measure the economic impact of tourism at the regional level, with the aim of providing a reliable measure of the regional Gross Value Added (GVA) of tourism.

Regional economic indicators with a focus on gross disposable household income

Issued May 2010

This article focuses on regional gross disposable household income estimates, which is a key measure of economic welfare and of the prosperity of residents living in a region.

Analysis of regional gross value added data published on 9th December 2009

Issued June 2010

This article analyses the estimates of regional gross value added (GVA) published in December 2009. The article concludes with details of ONS future plans for regional economic data.

ONS West Midlands articles of interest (to June 2010)

ONS release revised local authority population estimates for 2002 to 2008

Issued May 2010

This Observatory blog post by the ONS coincided with the release of the revised local authority population estimates which used a new methodology for apportioning internal migration of students, and net international migration at local authority level.

West Midlands population estimated to have grown to 5.431 million in 2009

Issued June 2010

This Observatory blog post by the ONS describes some of the key annual local and regional trends in the 2009 mid-year population estimates released by the ONS.

Noteworthy ONS data releases (to June 2010)

Labour Market Statistics

Issued June 2010

The data (zip, 2.97mb) released 16th June 2010 covers the 3 months to April 2010 and includes the claimant data for May 2010.

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 9.0 per cent, down 0.4 percentage points year-on-year, down 0.5 percentage points quarter on quarter (UK=7.9 per cent), and equates to 240,000 people unemployed in the region. The Claimant Count rate in the West Midlands stands at 5.9 per cent (UK=4.6 per cent), which equates to 162,400 claimants in the region. The latest release also includes local authority area data covering October 2008 to September 2009.

Creative industries in the regions – Inter Departmental Business Register (IDBR) analysis

Issued May 2010

The IDBR contains information on employment and local units by a standard industrial classification. By using this classification ONS has grouped local units into ones that are recognised as forming creative industries.

This publication includes analysis of the regional data, and a local authority level and regional dataset. The data indicates that 2.1 per cent of employment in the West Midlands was in the Creative Industries in 2008 (England=2.9 per cent).

Subnational Population Projections

Issued May 2010

Subnational Population Projections using 2008 as the base have been released with projections for births deaths and in and out migration at local authority level. The West Midlands population is projected to grow by 5.2 per cent between 2008 and 2018 to 5.69 million, a lower rate of growth than for all of England (projected increase of 7.4 per cent in the same period).

Sub-national population pyramids (requires Flash Player to view)

Mid year population estimates for 2009

Issued June 2010

New population estimates have been released with the gender distribution and age bracket statistics, at local authority level. Between 2008 and 2009 the West Midlands population is estimated to have grown by 23,000 (0.4 per cent) to 5.431 million, and Birmingham’s population was estimated to be 1.029 million.

Latest news on the 2011 Census

Census Talk – Spring 2011 issue

The latest newsletter with updates on the 2011 Census includes:

  • Information about the address checkers role in validating the census address register
  • News of the new census data capture centre in Greater Manchester
  • Details of the local authority communications toolkit

An evaluation of the 2009 Census Rehearsal (pdf, 252kb)was published in May. The final return rate for the rehearsal was 41 per cent, around 10 per cent lower than expected. The report details a number of improvements to the plans for the 2011 Census as a consequence of the findings of the Census Rehearsal.

Census advisory group papers are now available to download by topic and provide a comprehensive view of the issues associated with the implementation of the 2001 Census, and the planning of the 2011 Census.

More information about the build up to the Census can be found on the enhanced Census communications website.

Looking ahead (July/August 2010)

Labour Market Statistics July 2010 – to be released 14th July 2010

Contains data for three months to May 2010 on employment, economic activity, and unemployment, along with the claimant count data for June 2010.

Get the current data

Labour Market Statistics August 2010 – to be released 11th August 2010

Contains data for three months to June 2010 on employment, economic activity, and unemployment, along with the claimant count data for July 2010. Local Area Labour Market statistics will also be released for the twelve months to December 2009 on the 31st August.

Get the current data

Other news

ONS Regional Statistics Bulletin May 2010

The bi-monthly bulletin (pdf, 226kb) provides the wider statistical community with examples of work that are being undertaken by the ONS Regional Statisticians across the English regions. This month’s edition includes:

  • London Business Geography using the IDBR
  • Worklessness in the West Midlands – the impacts of
  • Working with the Child Poverty Unit
  • Local Data Profiles

Get the May 2010 bulletin (pdf, 226kb)


If you have any questions or need advice on sourcing official statistics feel free to get in touch. Contact me at stuart.onyeche [at] or telephone 0121 202 3257.

This newsletter is also available as a PDF (50kb).

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