Recently published research by the Observatory: June 2010

In our website survey back in February, respondents asked for more posts about what the Observatory teams are working on and what research reports had been published. This is the first post listing recently published reports. If you prefer to receive immediate updates when new research is published, subscribe to our RSS and email updates.

Rural Regeneration Zone Monitoring

Published 16th June 2010

This is our fourth annual report monitoring progress towards the strategic aims of the Rural Regeneration Zone‘s implementation plan for 2009-2012.

Worklessness in the West Midlands

Published 7th June 2010

In previous research, we showed several demographic factors are linked to higher than average levels of worklessness. We refer to these as ‘risk factors.’ We’ve looked in more depth at the impact of some of these risk factors—alone and in combination with each other—on the probability of worklessness in the West Midlands and England. This analysis has allowed us, for the first time, to look at the effects of these risk factors in isolation.

West Midlands Economic Strategy Monitoring Framework

Published 28th May 2010

This is the third annual update reporting on performance in the West Midlands against the monitoring indicators for the West Midlands Economic Strategy.

Growth into a Low Carbon Economy

Published 8th March 2010

We’ve worked with Atkins this year to develop a better understanding of opportunities the low carbon economy can deliver in the West Midlands.

We also worked with Atkins to produce a detailed study for the local authorities in the City Region:

Monitoring the West Midlands Climate Change Action Plan

Published 26th April 2010

Our monitoring report presents the current position of the West Midlands across several indicators around energy, CO2 emissions, electricity, industry, households, transport and renewable energy.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Monitoring

Published 26th April 2010

Dynamics of worklessness in the West Midlands

Published 7 April 2010

This report aims to understand to what extent individuals are moving in and out of the labour market, entering work for short but unsustained periods, and/or making repeated benefit claims.

Analysis of sub-regional dynamics in the West Midlands

Published 23 March 2010

This report, on functional relationships between places in the West Midlands, was published to assist with development of Local Economic Assessments and sub-regional relationships.


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