Roundup of communicating information and data through storytelling part 2

Groups working together at Communicating Effectively event

Photo by David Cheeseman

This post rounds up the second communicating effectively – telling stories using data workshop, which was held in Birmingham, 22nd April 2010.

Warren Pearce and Nicola Underdown organised the workshop. 40 delegates attended.

The morning started with an ice breaker session followed by Warren’s presentation on how to give an effective presentation using story-telling. You can watch a short summary of the key points in this video:

(Watch Warren’s tips on

After the presentation, delegates worked in groups around PCs to produce a presentation, applying what they had learnt during the morning session.

Delegates working together to make a presentation

Photo by David Cheeseman

The groups then presented their presentations to fellow delegates, receiving feedback on what worked and what didn’t, and ways in which they can improve their presentation skills.

Delegates presenting their work at Communicating Effectively workshop

Photo by David Cheeseman

Delegates at Communicating Effectively workshop listening to presentationIn the afternoon, Nicola Underdown lead work on using data in presentations and how to get your information across more effectively without losing your audience.

You can watch a video of Nicola summarising the key points:

(Watch Nicola’s summary on

Delegates were again asked to work in groups and using the data provided produce a presentation which showcased the information effectively.

Photo by David Cheeseman

Overall the day was a success and delegates provided some positive feedback about the things they had learnt during the day.

Here are two short videos of two delegates saying what they found useful at the workshop. The first is with Nicola Brown from the Energy Saving Trust:

(Watch Nicola’s video on

The second is with Liz Gillespie from Solihull MBC:

(Watch Liz’ video on

If you’re interested in learning more about presenting data through storytelling, do have a look at the resources shared on

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