Better Evidence… Better Funding Bids event roundup

The Observatory and Regional Action West Midlands jointly organised Better Evidence… Better Funding Bids, an event held in Birmingham on 19th March.

The aim of the event was to highlight the importance of evidence in funding applications. 50 delegates from a range of voluntary and public sector organisations attended the day.

This post rounds up videos, presentation slides, links and reaction to the event.

Why is the use of evidence relevant in the current funding environment?

Prof. Peter Alcock, Director of the Third Sector Research Centre, started the day by highlighting the importance of evidence and its relevance in the current funding environment. You can watch Peter’s presentation:

Watch Peter’s presentation on

Writing about need

Manisha Patel and Laura Moore from the Big Lottery Fund then talked about the application process and demonstrated good and bad use of data in supporting a project application.  You can watch Manisha and Laura’s presentation below:

Watch video | Get PowerPoint slides (ppt, 512kb)

Delegates were split into groups and asked to examine two funding applications and assess their eligibility based on the evidence applicants used.

Pete Cunnison then talked about what Lloyds TSB Foundation is looking for in terms of evidencing need. The application process varied from Big Lottery Fund’s process. You can watch Pete’s presentation below along with a short interview on what a good application bid includes:

Watch video | Get PowerPoint slides (ppt, 886kb)

Data available from Office for National Statistics

Stuart Onyeche from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) then talked about the various sources of data available from ONS which can be used as evidence in funding application bids:

Research and data available from West Midlands Regional Observatory

Oliver Nicholls from the Observatory gave a short presentation demonstrating the Observatory’s research services.

View on SlideShare | Get Oliver’s slides (ppt, 1.7mb)

Afternoon session

The afternoon session consisted of one-to-one ‘surgery’ sessions with staff from the Observatory, Office for National Statistics, Big Lottery Fund and Lloyds TSB  Foundations.  Delegates also had opportunities to network.

Reaction to the day

Sian McClure from Regional Action West Midlands was then asked to give her opinions on the success of the day. Watch Sian’s interview:

Watch video

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