Third Sector National Learning Alliance membership

Third Sector National Learning Alliance

The Third Sector National Learning Alliance (TSNLA) is the new national alliance of voluntary and community organisations and social enterprises involved in learning and skills.

The TSNLA aims to stimulate, inform and listen to the views of third sector learning and skills providers and work constructively across government and key stakeholders to influence policy.

TSNLA will also undertake or commission research for and about the third sector, and gather, analyse and circulate information relevant to the third sector.

TSNLA’s objectives are:

  • To be a powerful, credible and authoritative national advocate for third sector providers of learning and skills
  • To be inclusive, equitable and diverse
  • To be membership-led, accessible and transparent
  • To be well connected through its membership forming a national communication and consultative network

By following these objectives, the TSNLA can make timely, informed and effective interventions to enable third sector learning and skills providers to communicate well with each other, as well as policy makers, funders and the wider learning and skills sector.

Becoming a member of TSNLA offers organisations:

  • Access to online networking, peer support, blogs and forums
  • Updates on policy development
  • Representation at TSNLA members’ meetings, voting rights at the AGM and the option to become a Board member

Further information about TSNLA and membership application forms (pdf, 343kb) are available on the TSNLA website.


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