Free swim initiative a hit with West Midlands residents

Data recently released by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport highlights the popularity of the government’s Free Swim programme in the region.

Over 410,000 ‘free swims’ were taken by local residents during April– September 2009, a total exceeded only by the North West region.

Although the data (XLS, 281kb) only records the number of swims (not the number of participants), it provides a useful indication of the areas where the free swim initiative may be most popular.

Of the participating local authorities, Cannock Chase (1.3), Shropshire (1.3), Herefordshire (1.2) and East Staffordshire (1.1) saw the highest volume of free swims per head of eligible population* (see chart below).

Meanwhile Birmingham notched up the highest total number of free swims of any participating local authority in England (280,039).

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Download the dataset (XLS, 281kb)

For more information about the Free Swim initiative visit the DCMS website

*People aged 60 and above / 16 and under are eligible for the Free Swim scheme.

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