Interactive maps help monitor recession geospatially

We’ve produced a set of interactive maps to monitor the impact of the recession at different geographical levels in the West Midlands:

  • By West Midlands Local Authority
  • By West Midlands Census ward
  • Neighbourhoods in the Rural Regeneration Zone

The maps show Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) claimant rates (the proportion of the working age population claiming JSA), which gives an indication of unemployment.  The maps help us to see how the recession is affecting different areas.

West Midlands’ Local Authorities

The first recession monitoring map shows JSA claimant rates for each West Midlands’ Local Authority.

West Midlands’ Census wards

Following on, we’ve just launched a map that shows JSA claimant rates for each Census ward in the West Midlands. This was produced in response to requests to monitor the recession at a lower level than Local Authority.

The map also contains Local Authority boundaries and a background Ordnance Survey map to give context to the wards:

Screenshot showing Aston ward in Birmingham selected=

Screenshot: section of interactive map showing proportion of working age population claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance by Census Ward in the West Midlands. Local Authority boundaries shown in red. Background mapping selected. Aston ward selected.

Another useful feature of the atlas is that claimant rates can be compared to the regional or national average.

The maps show that urban Local Authorities such as Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley and Sandwell had claimant rates at 10% or above in October 2009.

Aston had the highest claimant rate, at 13.8%.

Rural Regeneration Zone

We’ve also produced this map showing JSA claimant rates for neighbourhoods in the Rural Regeneration Zone.

The map shows how the recession is affecting some of the more disadvantaged rural neighbourhoods in the West Midlands.

Although the claimant rates have increased in the zone since the recession, most neighbourhoods have a lower claimant rate than the region.

A few neighbourhoods have had higher claimant rates than the regional average, over the past year. These neighbourhoods are scattered around North Shropshire, Bridgnorth, Herefordshire, Malvern Hills, South Shropshire and Oswestry.

More interactive maps

We’ve also recently updated a range of interactive maps on other topics, all of which are available on our website:

We produced these maps using InstantAtlas.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view the maps. Please let us know if you have any feedback about accessing the maps or using them in general.

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