Observatory featured in new Analysis of Place newsletter

Spatial Analysis UnitWe’re featured in the first issue of the Analysis of Place newsletter (pdf, 1.89mb), published quarterly by the Spatial Analysis Unit (SpAU) in Communities and Local Government.

The Spatial Analysis Unit is a multi-disciplinary unit of geographers, economists, statisticians and social reasearchers, and sits within the Analytical Services Directorate. One of the aims of this unit is to promote spatial analysis in government.

Some of SpAU’s activities include conducting spatial analysis, providing advice and support, and sharing knowledge and best practice to inform the government on policy development and implementation.

The Analysis of Place newsletter aims to regularly share information such as data sources, guidance and toolkits.

Featured projects

The November 2009 issue (pdf, 1.89mb) features our work producing interactive maps to provide evidence on spatial patterns of social and economic analysis within the West Midlands.

Other projects featured in the newsletter includes:

The Intra-Governmental Group on Geographic Information, managed on behalf of Government by a different team within Analytical Services Directorate at CLG, is hosting the Analysis of Place newsletter on their site, to make it available to all government analysts with an interest in geographic information and spatial analysis.

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