Birmingham is ‘best performing city’

Selfridges store in Birmingham

According to the Cushman & Wakefield European Cities Monitor 2009, Birmingham is the ‘best performing city’ in the country in terms of improvement on last year’s ranking.

The influential survey of 500 of Europe’s largest companies shows Birmingham rising seven places from 21st to 14th as the best European city for business, overtaking Manchester in the process which fell to 16th.

The fact that the Selfridges Birmingham building is on the front cover highlights the excellent results in this report, particularly in terms of:

  • ‘Value for Money of Office Space’ where Birmingham is ranked 1st
  • In ‘Ease of Access to Markets’ Birmingham rose from 17th place in 2008 to 6th place this year
  • In terms of ‘Qualified Staff’ Birmingham has risen from 10th to 5th

London was voted best business city in Europe for the 19th year in a row, with Paris and Frankfurt second and third. But, Birmingham, with its title as ‘best performing city’ eclipses the results of other cities in the UK.

Scott Rutherford of Cushman and Wakefield Birmingham says:

‘This year’s results are evidence that Birmingham’s profile on the European stage is higher than ever. The cumulative effect of years of high profile development including the iconic Bullring and now plans for a redeveloped New Street station and world class library has cemented our reputation as one of Europe’s most forward-looking cities.’

The full report is available from Cushman and Wakefield (though you’ll need to register on their site before you can download it).

Photo of Selfridges Birmingham by Karl Randay.

2 Responses

  1. Fair enough, but Brum does not outperform Manchester in many other important ways – such as liberal social attitudes, in proportion about 3 times as many available jobs; etc.

    • Thanks for your comment Pete but i can’t say i agree with your first comment regarding liberal social attitudes (even if you could measure such a subjective parameter). Birmingham and Manchester are cut from the same cloth in welcoming migrants and immigrants to work in their burgeoning manufacturing industries from the industrial revolution to the modern day and also the esteem placed upon such industrialists in our two cities.
      It could be argued that Birmingham has not punched its weight of late and Manchester does indeed outperform Birmingham in many ways but this report highlights the economic benefits business climate available in Birmingham and other cities that businesses are looking for so perhaps, as you say, Manchester may have some advantages, but Birmingham is at least moving in the right direction in seeking to attract investment.

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