User satisfaction with the Observatory exceeds targets

West Midlands Regional Observatory logoThe West Midlands Regional Observatory’s User Satisfaction Survey 2009 (PDF, 849kb) found that overall satisfaction with the Observatory has significantly improved over the last year.

294 respondents took part in the survey and were asked to rate their answers to responses on a four point scale, with 1=low and 4=high, to prevent non-commital responses.

Overall satisfaction with the Observatory was 3.11, an increase from 3.00 in 2008. This exceeds the target set by the Observatory’s Board.

The survey aimed to discover what users of the Observatory think about our performance and awareness of the services that we provide, as well as any improvements we can make in the future.

Findings from this year’s survey are very encouraging:

  • Satisfaction with the State of the Region report was 3.13. 74% of respondents confirmed they used the report, an increase of 14 percentage points from last year.
  • The website is the service used most by respondents. Usage increased from 85.7% in 2008 to 88.4% in 2009.
  • The second most used product/service is Our Research (this includes our research on areas such as skills, economic inclusion, the economy and cultural sector). 82.4% of respondents used our research, representing a significant increase (13.9 percentage points) from 2008.
  • Awareness of the Observatory and our work increased from 2.66 in 2008 to 2.87 this year.
  • Satisfaction with the annual conference (which was taken on the day) was 3.18.
  • Satisfaction with our enquiries service was rated 3.20.

The Observatory also continues to maintain a good reputation according to the survey, with 92.6 % of respondents rating ‘good’ or ‘excellent’. The rating for reputation has increased from 3.05 in 2008 to 3.19 in 2009.

According to a practioner from Shropshire County Council:

‘The Observatory has done well to establish a niche for itself. The seminars, annual conference, newsletters, email alerts, networks are excellent.’

Another practioner from a regional organisation said that they:

‘appreciate the role the Observatory has played in taking forward the population and society work and the positive benefits to the work of our organisation.’

You can download the full report of the survey findings (PDF, 849kb) along with a summary (PDF, 48kb).


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