Unemployment rates in Worcestershire: August 2009

Two people at entrance to Malvern Hills science parkWorcestershire County Council’s research and intelligence unit publish a monthly round-up of employment fact and figures.

These statistics are broken down by wards and districts, and also show the picture for the whole of Worcestershire in comparison to the West Midlands.

Highlights from the August 2009 summary (PDF, 713kb) include:

  • The unadjusted unemployment total for Worcestershire was 13,269 in August 2009
  • The county rate (4.8%) still compares favourably with unemployment rates for the West Midlands (7.3%) and England and Wales (5.6%)
  • Across the county, the districts with the highest and lowest unemployment rates were Redditch (6.5%) and Malvern Hills (3.3%)
  • The male unemployment rate in Worcestershire is 6.5%, compared to the female rate of 3.0%

These figures are based on 2001 Census wards and the rates are expressed as a percentage of the economically active population, and therefore are not comparable with ONS figures.

Further information on the economy, housing and population data in Worcestershire is available from the research and intelligence unit.


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