Place Survey results 2008

Logo of Department for Communities and Local GovernmentThe results of the Place Survey 2008 have recently been released.

This is a national survey administered by local authorities. It aims to collect consistent national data on the way people feel about their local area and the way in which their local authority is run.

We can use the results of the place survey to compare the West Midlands region as a whole to other English regions, and to compare local authorities within the West Midlands to one another.

Headline findings include:

  • The proportion of residents satisfied with theatres and concert halls is the most variable indicator across the region, ranging from 76.4% in Malvern Hills to a low of 18.0% in North Warwickshire.
  • The West Midlands’ overall ranking fluctuates, but there is no measure for which the West Midlands is placed ‘first’, and we have the lowest levels of public satisfaction with sport and leisure facilities.
  • There seems to be an urban/rural split in the answers to the questions relating to ‘unpaid help’, which measures volunteering. This ties in with some of our ongoing research.

You can view the results of the place survey through this interactive map (which provides easy graphical comparisons between different local authorities within the West Midlands).

We’ve also prepared these charts and maps (PDF, 1.52mb) which use a common scale to compare the West Midlands with other English regions. Please note that Wolverhampton is excluded from these charts, because the survey’s response rates were low there.

The results of the place survey highlight some interesting differences within the region, some of which may be suitable subjects for further research.

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  1. Please note that the maps referred to above have now been updated to include Wolverhampton. These results should still be treated with caution.

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