Survey on destinations of graduates from higher education

Graduates at Birmingham UniversityThe Destinations of leavers from higher education longitudinal survey (PDF, 2.02mb) is a new report published by the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

The survey aims to examine what graduates are doing three years after graduation. Questionnaires were completed by graduates who left university in 2004/05 on a range of subjects including their activities during November 2008.

In the UK

  • 88.9% of students who graduated in 2004/05 were in employment three and a half years later
  • The median salary per annum was £24,000
  • 86.9% of leavers were satisfied with their careers
  • 2.6% of leavers were assumed to be unemployed

In the West Midlands

Results show that 62.6% of graduates who originated from and studied in the West Midlands obtained employment within the region.

9.6% of graduates relocated to London after graduation, as opposed to 7.8% of postgraduate leavers.

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