High levels of satisfaction amongst West Midlands student population

Students at Aston University with laptopThe 2009 National Student Survey found that 4 out of 5 of students across the UK are satisfied with the courses they are studying at university.

Over 223,363 students took part in the annual survey (a response rate of 62% for the UK), which was conducted by the Higher Education Funding Council for England.

In England

  • 83% of students are satisfied with the teaching on their courses
  • 65% are satisified with assessments and feedback
  • 74% are satisfied with the academic support they receive
  • 75% are satisfied with the organisation and management of courses
  • 80% are satisfied with the learning resources available
  • 79% are satisfied with their personal development
  • 81% are satisified overall with their courses

In the West Midlands

Click on the chart image below to explore the results for the West Midlands institutions, which shows the percentage of students who are satisfied overall with the quality of their university course in the West Midlands:



The results show that over 77% of students who participated are satisfied with their courses.

However, 23% of students at Birmingham City University were not satisfied with their courses, as opposed to Harpers Adams University where 7% were unsatisfied.

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