Observatory hosting event on sharing information digitally

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The Observatory’s Population & Society Group is hosting an event exploring the whys and hows of making public data more accessible. We’ll also look at using social media to improve sharing data and information.

This full-day event will be held in Birmingham on 7th October. With speakers from the Guardian’s Free Our Data campaign, Lichfield District Council, Digital Birmingham and We Share Stuff, this will be an informative and practical day for anyone involved in data and information sharing in the West Midlands.

(Updated 5th Oct: the event is now fully booked).


Why make our data available?
Michael Cross, Guardian’s Free Our Data campaign

Timely Information for Citizens project
Dave Harte, Digital Birmingham

Here’s an update from Dave on progress with the Timely Information project:

A Local Authority approach to information sharing
Stuart Harrison, Lichfield District Council

The digital inclusion agenda
Stuart Parker, We Share Stuff

Afternoon unconference: “I want to know how to…”

The bulk of the afternoon will be run along the unconference format. There will be practical “social media surgeries” in small groups, with the content of each group focused on topics chosen by attendees. Such topics could be:

  • How to openly collaborate with other people on documents and spreadsheets
  • How to format and share datasets so they are suitable for re-use by other people
  • How to get started with Twitter
  • How to use RSS feeds
  • Build a knowledge base of bookmarks and share with others

We’re also encouraging attendees to lead discussions in small groups on specific topics. If you’re willing to share advice — or how you have successfully used social media and digital tools to share information more effectively — we would really like you to get involved in leading discussions.

Please let us know what topics you want to learn about — or if you’re willing to lead a small session in the afternoon — in this Google Spreadsheet.

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2 Responses

  1. Please note that this event is now fully booked. We’re unable to take any more registrations.

    Looks like it’s going to be a full and busy day!

  2. […] tools? Well, here’s a lovingly extended metaphor I wrote for a talk Stu Parker gave at the WMRO Conference today: Learning to use technology is like learning to drive — the rules, the highway code, being safe […]

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