Places Handbook Pocket guide launched to enhance policy implementation

Government Office logoThe Government Offices for the English Regions has launched the Places Handbook Pocket guide, an online set of tools, to assist Government officers (GOs) in implementing  policies effectively and efficiently across Local Authorities.

A key component of the guide is the delivery cycle, which focuses on analysis, planning, delivery and performance and how to utilise these processes efficently to achieve  targets in Local Authorities.

The aim of the guide is to encourage you to use their knowledge and skills more efficiently on a range of scales to meet their outcomes and improve public service targets.

There are a range of online assessments to test understanding of the delivery cycle and a variety of tools, including the Data Interchange Hub, providing an online data store on areas performance against national indicators. These include Local Area Agreements which are captured in the  Local Area Agreement monitoring reports for each area.

Particular emphasis is placed upon on the turning curve which focuses on what targets needs to be achieved and how. Examples of the turning curve in practice along with further details on the delivery cycle can be found on the Places and Handbook Pocket Guide website.

Thanks to Neil Powell from the Economy & Labour Force group for providing the content for this post.

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