Tender for women’s enterprise research

Jewellery makingThe Women’s Enterprise Centre of Expertise has released a tender to conduct women’s enterprise research in the West Midlands.

The deadline for submissions is 21st July 2009.

Research rationale

There is currently a gap in regional women’s enterprise research which takes a strategic view of policy, documentary and research evidence, even though much has been done to promote the agenda across the region.

The absence of such a strategic view means that there is potential for women’s enterprise support to be divided into staged programmes (pre-start, start and growth as separate delivery systems).

The consequence of this division is that those programmes that cannot directly be seen to contribute to regional value-added, as they are too small or development, run the risk of losing budget or being stopped altogether because they cannot meet the strict evaluation criteria represented by Gross Value Added indicators.

Research aim

The aim of the research will be to collate all available information relating to women’s business support and women’s business growth into a strategic document that understands the support process as a progressive journey rather than as series of unrelated programmes.

Within this overall aim are a number of objectives:

  • Provide an understanding of the key strengths and weaknesses of existing policy and funding mechanisms.
  • Detail a clear starting point for strategy and clear policy recommendations on the basis of the research leading to full strategy development, suggestions of integrated business support programmes and evaluation mechanisms.
  • Synthesise available literature and documentary evidence from the region, the UK and globally as appropriate.
  • Provide an interpretation of any econometric and statistical work relating to women’s enterprise with a view to establishing appropriate policy evaluation mechanisms.
  • Provide data and reporting on women’s high growth businesses.

For more information or a full tender specification contact Melissa Dreyling, WECOE Research and Evaluation Manager on 07515 597 590 or email melissa.dreyling [at] wecoe.org.uk.

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