Modelling population change in the West Midlands: call for information

Crowd walking up and down stairsHow do you try to understand the changes that are happening in your populations? Have you developed a model to try to understand population change? If so, we would be interested to hear from you.

As part of our State of the Region dialogue on population change, we’re looking for regional examples of how people have modelled population change, particularly where they are not based on the Office for National Statistics’ population projections.

We know that there are several different models used across the West Midlands in different policy areas. In this year’s State of the Region report we will try to bring these together and summarise the various models that are used.

At the event on population change which launched this State of the Region dialogue, we heard from Anthony Szary, the ONS Regional Statistician, about how the ONS sub-national population projections are calculated.

Following this, there was much discussion about the use and value of the ONS projections and other approaches that are used in the region.

This year’s State of the Region report will provide a summary of these existing models of population change.

So, if you use a model of population change we would be interested to know:

  • Why you needed to develop a model of population change?
  • How the model works? (a broad description!)
  • What you use the model for?

If you use a model or can point us in the right direction, please add a comment below or contact me at the Observatory (Rosie Day,

Thanks for your help.

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