Views of life sciences sector delivered to Government

Medilink West MidlandsFollowing the recent call to the the life sciences sector to gather views on what Government can do to help them, a proposal of crucial initiatives that the Government can implement to make an immediate impact on the prosperity of the sector was delivered to the Office of Life Sciences on Wednesday 1 July 2009.

It covers four main themes:

1. Innovation

Replicate the unique system developed to “push” and “pull” innovative solutions in the area of infection control into all clinical practice areas.

2. Overseas Trade

Eliminate the duplication and bureaucracy inherent in overseas promotion of UK PLC and invest those savings into a grant that companies can access for overseas approval documentation and practical market access.

3. Finance

Create a mezzanine finance scheme with minimal conditions, managed by people from within this sector, as a low-risk method of encouraging UK product development, UK patenting and UK innovation commercialisation.

4. Expertise

Facilitate a single UK focus of life sciences expertise, which companies can access to reduce the trial and error time lost in the early stages of company development.

Designed to give companies in the life sciences sector a united voice and combined influence, the Voices of Industry Campaign by medical and healthcare industry specialist MedilinkWM has gathered views and ideas from a wide range of SMEs, business leaders, agencies, academics and NHS staff.

Headed up by Lord Drayson, the Office of Life Sciences has requested a copy of the Campaign’s proposal and will review it on behalf of the wider Government, to help it meet the expectations of SMEs.

There is even a commitment by the Office of Life Sciences to use the dedicated Voices of Industry website to feedback the progress on the recommendations.

MedilinkWM’s CEO Tony Davis said:

‘The Government has set us an urgent challenge, so we’ve responded immediately by asking industry for its views and ideas. We’ve now drawn up an official proposal for Government to make sure they know what SMEs really need to thrive.’

For more information, please contact Lisa Jones at Reeves Green on 07890 609933 or email

Thanks to Awen Clement at Medilink West Midlands for providing this post.

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