ONS Regional Trends report puts regions under the spotlight

Office for National Statistics logoYoung people aged 16 and 17 in the West Midlands were more likely to not be in employment, education or training (NEET) than any other UK region in 2007.

This is just one of the findings of the latest annual ONS Regional Trends report.

Children and young people are the lead article in this year’s publication. There are also articles on women in business, statistical snapshots of the UK regions, and an in-depth profiling of selected English regions.

Other noteworthy statistics characterising the West Midlands include:

  • Labour productivity during 2007 (Gross Value Added per hour worked) was 10.4 per cent below the UK average.
  • Local authorities in the West Midlands recycled 29% of household waste in 2006/7 compared with an England average of 31%.
  • The region recorded the second lowest rate of self-employment amongst women (3.5%) in comparison to other regions in the UK, and was the only region to display a decline in these rates in 2008 versus 2000.
  • Alcohol consumption amongst men in the West Midlands during 2006 was the lowest of any English region.

The individual articles and the complete Regional Trends publication are available from the ONS website.

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