Draft new menu structure for wmro.org

West Midlands Regional Observatory logoIt’s just over 12 months since the re-launch of the Observatory’s website www.wmro.org. Since the re-launch last year, our range of research has widened and there is a new focus on particular themes.

To try and help visitors to our website more easily find the research and data they want, I’m considering how best to restructure the menu navigation.

To help in this, I’d really value your feedback on a proposed new menu structure for the website.

View draft menu structure at full size (PNG, 62kb)

Preview of draft new menu structure for www.wmro.org

Please add any comments to this post or contact me at the Observatory (e: gavin.wray at wmro.org, tel: 0121 503 3315).

8 Responses

  1. Makes perfect sense to me Gavin – sometimes with these things its a case of “suck it and see”

  2. I’m just a humble web designer, but looks good to me looking at the amount of content you have to handle. Presume you’ll have a good search engine in there too?

    • Thanks for the comment Mike. Yes, there will be a keyword search – we’re currently updating the search engine on the site and aiming to launch it live very shortly. This new engine will give much better results sorted by relevance. The new engine will also pull in relevant search results from other websites besides wmro.org that also provide statistics and research about the West Midlands.

  3. Gavin, you’ve put a lot of effort into this and it shows. Well done! I’ve got just two small suggestions to make:

    (1) On our current site there’s a page soliciting submissions http://wmro.org/standardTemplateNF.aspx/Home/Resources/ResourceCatalogue/Submitresources that isn’t featured. Future policy will still be to invite external submissions so where will this page (or a derivative) go?

    (2) The Resource Catalogue is an information service in its own right, not a category, so it should be on the same level as the integrated policy model, maps etc. At present we use a top level category of ‘Resources’ although I know you don’t like this as it’s a term that few site users will immediately understand (although it works for me). My suggestions for a category name that might be better convey its content are: Information services, Our products, Data centre, Information tools, Data tools, Data services, Utilities or maybe even Stockroom.

    • Thanks Stewart.

      1. Good spot. I’m thinking of grouping any ‘how to…’ guides under ‘Help’ (section 9), so would put the how to submit a resource guide in there.

      2. On naming section 5 – containing the Resource Catalogue, Policy Model, downloadable maps, and so on – I’m currently favouring ‘Tools’.

      What do others think?

      Separately, I received some feedback offline suggesting moving ‘Our publications and data’ (3.1) out of ‘Our research’ (3) and over into this to-be-named ‘Resources’ (5) section. Must admit I quite like this idea.

  4. Gavin

    In general I think it looks good and should hopefully encourage us to review the relevance of existing content.

    I have one suggestion to make. 2.3 Environment & Rural – I think the two need to be seperated. Environment should stand alone and then I would suggest the nature of our rural work lends itself to either a stand alone rural tab or an Urban/Rural tab to fit with our work for the regional assembly. Most of the work on rural is to do with the economy/skills/housing issues rather than environment.

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