How the Observatory is monitoring the recession

Up and down arrows on wood chippingsThese are difficult times for the West Midlands. The recession is having a major impact on our people and our businesses.

In response, we have been involved in a range of analysis of current conditions and trends to inform the West Midlands Taskforce and other regional partners.

At the moment, we are producing a series of regular monitoring reports. These include contributions to the monthly economic briefings for the Taskforce, quarterly bulletins on the impact of the recession on the region’s population, skills and the labour market and the cultural sector.

We’ve also started publishing a regional analysis of the latest monthly unemployment figures.

Beyond this, we are involved in other work relating to the recession which will be published in due course. This includes looking at places which are particularly vulnerable and thinking about how to position the region ready for the upturn, whenever it comes. Keep checking this blog to find out more.

Despite all this activity, there are bound to be issues that we are not currently looking at.

Please let us know if there are areas that you would like us to add to our recession monitoring work. Equally, we’d be interested to know of any monitoring of the recession which is being done elsewhere in the region.

Image credit: photo by Chebbs.

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