Understanding labour migration

Anne GreenAt the launch of the State of the Region dialogue on population change Anne Green, from the Institute for Employment Research, spoke about recent developments in labour migration, such as the impact that the recession may have on migration and about the difficulties of measuring short-term international mobility.

Understanding migration is important when trying to understand population change.

Anne began by talking about the changes in migration from Eastern Europe and the implications for local areas. Recent data show that there has been a decrease in worker registrations from Eastern Europeans, particularly in large urban areas.

Anne said that although the recession may remove some of the economic motivations for migration there are other non-economic factors that are also important in a migrant’s decision-making, such as the English language, social networks and the role of exploration and discovery.

Anne went on to discuss some recent research she has been involved in looking at short-term international mobility for the European Commission.

Short term mobility is a type of geographical mobility that does not involve a permanent change of residence but is of longer duration than a week.

Typically, short term international mobility is when someone in a large organisation temporarily transfers to another country to work on a particular project.

Although short term mobility is becoming more important, we know very little about it due to the difficulties of trying to capture people who move often and for short durations.

Anne’s presentation (with accompanying audio) can be viewed below:

At the end of her presentation Anne highlighted several possible ways of trying to improve intelligence on migration, such as through web surveys.

Anne is keen to establish a longitudinal study of migrants and is currently speaking to colleagues in Poland about this, so watch this space!

This State of the Region dialogue is about trying to understand what evidence on population change and migration is needed by policy makers in the region. If you would like to get involved in this dialogue, or want to comment on Anne’s presentation, please feel free to add a comment below.

Other speakers at this event included:


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