Innovating in the public sector

Speaking at the Observatory’s innovation workshop, Prof. Adrian Cole from Birmingham City University outlined that the processes and drivers which enable innovation within the public and private (commercial) sectors have significant differences.

Adrian recognised that, while within the UK there has been a strong tradition of public sector innovation both at national and regional levels, some key challenges remain that need to be addressed in order to accelerate the innovation performance within the public sector.

He labelled one of these challenges the ‘thick soup’ of bureaucracy which can frustrate fragile innovative ideas before they are allowed to be fully explored, to an extent that ideas may not even emerge from the department or group where they were conceived.

Listen to Adrian’s presentation in this slidecast:

The Observatory commissioned Adrian to write a thinkpiece on innovation in the public sector which will be published in the forthcoming state of the region dialogue on the wider benefits of innovation.

One Response

  1. The University of the West of England Cities Research Centre have produced a scoping study on international learning:

    International insights on civil leadership and public service innovation (PDF, 50 pages, 471kb)

    From the announcement on

    “The report provides advice on how to use international exchange to advance the understanding and practice of civic leadership and public service innovation in local governance. It includes illustrative examples of creative civic leadership in Brazil, Colombia, Netherlands, Sweden and the USA. The report concludes with a series of suggestions on how to improve approaches to civic leadership and public service innovation in the UK.”

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