Moving the equalities agenda forward

Chris Allen listens inLast week the Observatory launched the  State of the Region dialogue on population change. This event was the first step towards understanding what evidence on the changing population is needed by policy makers in the region.

Chris Allen, Director of Research and Policy at brap, was one of the presenters at this event and his presentation Beyond being statistically challenged: How do we move the equalities agenda forward? is now available to view here.

Chris spoke about the need to get beyond the headline diversity statistics in the West Midlands. It is no longer sufficient for policy making to understand the population based on broad groups such as gender, ethnicity or age as diversity is now much more complicated than this.

Instead, Chris suggests, policy making should be based on principles of inclusion, social justice and people’s rights as human beings.

Chris has posted a transcript of his presentation on his blog, Walls come tumbling down, and you can also view/listen to it below – just click on the arrow.

Chris finished his presentation with a couple questions for the group and for policy makers:

  • How do we respect the right to be different with the right to be equal?
  • In the face of a changing population, are there limits to diversity and what we can achieve?

If you want to get involved in this debate or in the dialogue on population change more generally,  please add your comments below.

Other presentations from this event will be available soon.

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  1. […] Other speakers at this event included Chris Allen from brap, who presented on moving the equalities agenda forward. […]

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