Future of the West Midlands

The future of the West Midlands reportAt the end of January, I attended and spoke at an interesting event to launch a new report The Future of the West Midlands (pdf, 361kb).

The Smith Institute, an independent social and economic research think tank based in London, organised the event.

The report aims to raise the level of debate about the future of the West Midlands and highlight what policy changes are needed to make a real and lasting difference to the region.

With the forthcoming reforms to regional and local government through the sub national review, this debate is very timely and gains an added significance.

The report (pdf, 361kb) includes a section written by the West Midlands Regional Observatory, based on our State of the Region report, as well as articles by:

Key government ministers and officers were also involved in writing the report.

Liam Byrne MP (Co-chair of the council of Regional Ministers) and Ian Austin MP (Minister for the West Midlands) wrote the foreword and introduction respectively.

Along with Trudi Elliott (Regional Director, Government Office for the West Midlands), both ministers took part in a panel discussion at the event.

I recommend the report to you – and I encourage you to join the debate.

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