Black Country recession updates

bc-recession-reportOur colleagues at the Black Country Observatory have produced the first Black Country Recession Intelligence report.

These reports are being produced on a monthly basis by the Observatory as part of  a ‘Black Country Recession Intelligence Group’ comprising of representatives from the Black Country Local Authorities and Local Strategic Partnerships. The reports aim to provide real-time evidence as a background to policy debate in the sub-region.

Some key points from this first release include:

  • The number of people claiming Jobseekers’ Allowance in the Black Country has risen by 37.3% since December 2007.
  • Some of the sharpest increases in the number of claimants have occurred in the least-deprived wards.
  • In the 18-month period to September 2008, a total of 1,968 redundancies from a total of 30 companies in Dudley Borough were notified to Jobcentre Plus.

In addition to analysing the latest figures, the report also looks at responses to the current economic situation from organisations such as Business Link, local authorities and the Learning and Skills Council.

Note: To download a copy of the report, you’ll need to register with the Black Country Observatory website.

One Response

  1. The March 2009 update has now been published on the Black Country Observatory site.

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