Graduate recruitment and the ‘credit crunch’

Graduates in gowns and mortarboards at graduation ceremonyAccording to a student briefing recently issued by the University of Birmingham’s Careers and Employability Centre, prospects for graduates seeking employment remain positive in the downturn.

Graduate recruiters and employers who actively recruit University of Birmingham students within a range of sectors and professions report that they intend to continue to recruit graduates at the same level as previous years.

This is due to recognition that recruiting fresh talent ensures business competitiveness now and after the recession.

This goes some way to alleviating concerns around employment prospects for students graduating next summer following the global economic downturn.

Further information and advice on how to get a job in an economic downturn, including what to look for beyond the headlines, is available from the University of Birmingham’s Careers and Employability Centre.

NB: The briefing was related to graduate employment, not placements, apprenticeship or similar.

Thanks to the University of Birmingham Careers and Employability Centre and Caroline Williamson from the Economy & Labour Force Group for supplying the above information.

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