Census white paper sets out plans for 2011

Helping-shape-tomorrowThe government has published a White Paper, Helping to shape tomorrow, setting out plans for the 2011 Census. The Census will take place on Sunday 27 March 2011 and will be the first undertaken by the new UK Statistics Authority.

Unlike previous Censuses, most of the forms will be posted out this time, with only around 5% being hand delivered. There will also be an opportunity to complete the forms on-line for the first time. Despite these changes, the estimated cost will still be nearly £500 million.

The questionnaire for 2011 will be slightly longer than in 2001.

As well as covering nearly all areas from the previous Census, this one will also provide information about:

  • Number of bedrooms (as well as number of rooms in total)
  • Type of central heating
  • Civil partnerships
  • Citizenship
  • Date of entry into the UK
  • Intended length of stay in the UK
  • National identity
  • Language
  • Second residences

All of the results of the Census will be published on-line through the National Statistics website. The first data are likely to be available during 2012.

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