Worklessness and sustainable employment: Call for information

paper_pileThe Observatory’s Economic Inclusion team is currently investigating what evidence, data and research is available on these two topics:

  • Causes of worklessness
    This will include looking at the relationships between causal factors such as poor health, poverty, poor skills etc., movements in and out of the labour market and the dynamics of worklessness, issues of benefit dependency and benefits as a disincentive to formal employment.
  • Sustainability of employment
    In particular, we are looking for data and research that show how long people stay in work once entering employment after a period of worklessness. We would also be interested in any data or research that is available that considers factors such as demography, geography and industrial sector and the influence that these might have on sustainable employment.

Our intention is to produce two literature reviews in which we hope to highlight the key findings from previous research and to map existing data sources and their coverage. We also aim to identify gaps in knowledge and data that might inform future research activities in these areas.

We would be interested to learn if you are involved in any programmes of research on either of these topics or are you aware of any research that has been undertaken or currently in progress? This could be national, regional or sub-regional and can include data/research outside of the West Midlands region.

If you are able to contribute information to support either or both of these projects, please send details to Rosie Day ( or alternatively add a comment to this post.

Thank you!

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