WMRO contributes to national research on innovation index

Presenters at the workshop on measuring innovation, Birmingham City University, 4 September 2008Following the recent workshop on measuring innovation for successful delivery held at Birmingham City University, the Observatory’s Innovation and Enterprise team submitted a response to NESTA‘s call for ideas on the regional innovation index project.

We concluded in the submission that any output (index) from the project should, where possible:

  • Reflect that innovation emerges from dynamic and complex interations.
  • Reflect that innovation is inherently a speculative activity and as such occurs in an uncertain environment.

Any attempt to impose ‘precision through reductionism’ will potentially undermine the effectiveness of the project.


2 Responses

  1. Hello Midland — from New Jersey, USA.
    My colleague and I are in the process of working on a small consulting gig re: innovation and one of the elements that we both believe contributes to motivating employees to invest time, etc. in innovation is that the culture has an element of “fun.” “Fun” could include humor, work environment, silly collective jokes, and just an overall morale that suggest it is a fun place to work (think google, Southwest, Apple, etc.).
    My question is this. Do you have research that proves this to be important cultural element for creating a culture that sustains or builds innovation? Are we just going on our gut or has someone really studied this? Love to hear your perspective.

  2. Kristi,

    We haven’t undertaken research to that effect; however, we are aware of work done looking at the effectiveness of innovation using the iLab. We have a contact who has organised activities at the lab as part of the Innovation Owners Network organised by the Technology Innovation Centre, Birmingham City University. Hope this helps?


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