Purchase of Information Project: a survey of lifestyle data [UPDATED – 23.09.08]

Purchase of Information Project – Have you considered, used or purchased ‘lifestyle’ customer insight information?

The Local Government Information House (LGIH) and the Improvement & Development Agency (IDeA) are launching a research project into the purchase and use of ‘lifestyle’ customer insight information in the public sector. They need your help!

What’s it all about?

They are keen to establish whether there’s a business case for the co-ordinated bulk purchase of externally purchased customer insight information (around ‘lifestyle’ data, such as information on people’s socio-demographic as well as service and communication channel preferences – such as is available from Experian, CACI and ONS etc.), either nationally or regionally on behalf of local authorities and partner organisations. The project also aims to compile case studies of innovative practice or major barriers to the effective purchase and use of such information.

Why me?

The West Midlands region is one of three English regions chosen to pilot this research. This is an opportunity for you to tell them what ‘lifestyle’ information you have purchased and how you’ve used this information. Just as importantly, they need to hear from those of you who’ve thought about it but haven’t actually purchased or used such information – and if so, tell them why not.

What do I need to do?

They’ve compiled some questions using an online survey tool which is easy to use. Most of the time you just click alongside the answer and in some cases, free text boxes are provided for comments. Remember to look for the <Next> button at the bottom of the screen to progress. Don’t worry about the question numbers – you’ll soon reach the end of the survey.

How long will it take?

The online survey should only take 10-15 minutes of your time to complete.

How long have I got?

They would like you to complete the survey in the next two weeks please!

Anything else I should know?

In some instances, they might like to learn more about your innovative practices or major barriers faced to the effective purchase and use of such information. There’s the opportunity to opt-in to such follow-up research, which will take the shape of case studies. These will be compiled following telephone interviews with volunteer organisations. A report detailing all the findings will be produced later in the autumn.

For more project details, please see the project overview document attached which explains the project in summary. Feel free to share this information with any of your colleagues that might have an interest in the project. We welcome multiple responses from the same organisation, to enable us to get a good understanding of activity in this area.

Please click this link to go straight to the online survey…

The findings and report are scheduled for mid-​October. For more information, please contact Jes Snape,  CAA Programme Manager at West Midlands Local Government Association on​ 0121 678 0121 / j.snape@wmlga.gov.uk.

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