Life expectancy in the West Midlands

A recent press release [no longer available online] from trade union GMB highlights the difference in life expectancy at birth across the West Midlands.

Women living in Solihull have the highest life expectancy in the region at 83.3 years with those living in Stoke-on-Trent having the lowest at 79.6.

For men, the difference is greater with those living in South Shropshire expected to live on average to 79.4 years of age, the longest in the West Midlands region. However those living in Sandwell have the lowest life expectancy – a full five years lower.

The UK average for men is 77.0 and across the West Midlands region as a whole, 76.6 while for women it is 81.3 and 81.1 respectively.

The news release forms part of a campaign by the union to promote the provision of free, healthy school meals and is based on the data published by the Office for National Statistics, Life expectancy at birth – 2004-2006.

One Response

  1. Interim life tables have been released by the ONS today. These give statistics on period life expectancy by age and sex. Each life table is based on the population estimates, births and deaths data for a period of three consecutive years.

    Life expectancy at birth results for health and local authorities in the United Kingdom have also been released for 2005-2007. The figures have been added to existing trend data from 1991-1993 to 2004-2006.

    Read the release.

    View Life expectancy at birth by health and local authorities in the United Kingdom.

    View National interim life tables.

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