Building a Register of Consultants

We’re developing a new directory for public agencies and the voluntary sector to use when searching for organisations to invite to tender for research projects.

Why are we doing this?

The Register of Consultants aims to solve two issues originally identified by the Economy & Labour Force Group:

  1. The same usual suspects are asked to carry out research within the West Midlands region.
  2. Public sector agencies and voluntary organisations would like to speak to previous clients who have used a research consultancy to learn if the consultancy is suitable to invite to tender.

How will the Register work?

The Register will list research consultants’ contacts, their areas of expertise and examples of previous work.

The Register will be publicly available through our website

Crucially, previous clients of a consultancy will be able to add their contact details to a consultant’s listing in the Register. This is an important part of the Register’s purpose. We hope that those searching for consultants will contact previous clients to gauge whether the consultant is suitable to invite to tender for a specific research project.

How can I add my research consultancy to the Register?

We are adding the finishing touches and aim to get the Register live by the end of August 2008.

Once live, visitors will be able to join the Register by submitting their details through The Register will be free to join.

Want to be kept updated on progress?

We will be contacting our mailing list of consultancies who may be interested in joining the Register.

To add yourself to this list – or just for more information – contact Gavin Wray ( or telephone 0121 503 3315).


3 Responses

  1. I’m pleased to say that the Register of Consultants was released live on our website today.

    To get the Register up and running and become a useful resource, we need research consultants to join up and submit your details (you’ll need to be registered on our site first).

    You could be a research company, academic department or an individual consultant. As long as you provide research services that can benefit others in the West Midlands, you are welcome to join the Register of Consultants.

  2. I sent out the email invitations to join the Register yesterday. There were five new submissions (thanks UKFS, Roger Tym & Partners, blue republic, AMeredith Associates and WordWorks).

    If you didn’t receive an invite – or have any questions about submitting your consultancy to the Register – drop me a line at

  3. There are now 15 consultants in the Register. New additions since my last update are:

    RCU Ltd.
    Regeneris Consulting
    MEL Research
    Ci Research
    C & R Associates (Midlands) Ltd
    Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, University of Birmingham
    GHK Consulting Ltd.
    Jacob Glanville, Economic Consultant

    Don’t forget that previous clients can add their details to your page in the Register. At the bottom of your page is a link encouraging previous clients to add their details. Spread the word!

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