Wind resources for the West Midlands

Cover of wind resources studyA new study has been published reviewing the economically viable wind resource across the West Midlands region and key wind development constraints based on the current status of wind technology.

The study assists in the initial screening of coarse areas with potential for wind development in the region and consisted of a desktop assessment based on the updated GIS Mapping Tool initially designed for Government Office West Midlands.

As with the heat mapping work referred to in my earlier post, the full report and supporting GIS datasets can be obtained through the Observatory’s research enquiries service.


All files in the study (zip, 17.7mb)

Main report
Updated Study of Wind Resources for the West Midlands Region (pdf,  424kb)

Appendix A
GIS layers updated for Warwickshire County Council wind study August 2007 (pdf, 84kb)

Appendix B1
Technical resource -​ wind speed bins (pdf, 2.3mb)

Appendix B2
Technical resource -​ areas with lower wind speed threshold (pdf, 1.9mb)

Appendix C1
High level practical resource -​ constraint maps (pdf, 4.3mb)

Appendix C2
High level practical resource -​ shortlisted areas (pdf, 4.2mb)

Appendix D
Prioritisated practical resource (pdf, 6.4mb)

Appendix E
Summary of screening process (pdf, 116kb)

Appendix F
Screening results (pdf, 125kb)

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