Heat mapping and decentralised energy report

The recent Energy White Paper asked Regional Development Agencies to identify opportunities as to how they could bring forward decentralised energy projects.

In response to this and on-​going low carbon futures work, Advantage West Midlands commissioned work on heat mapping and decentralised energy and sought early feedback and buy in to the approach from key external stakeholders at a workshop in June 2008.

The West Midlands currently imports around 60% of its heat energy and an even greater percentage of its electricity. Considering the overarching role of Advantage West Midlands as an enabler of sustainable economic development in the region, the agency seeks to reduce the region’s reliance on fossil fuels and improve energy security.

Promoting the uptake of decentralised energy is envisaged to contribute significantly towards achieving this vision.

Halcrow Group Ltd was commissioned in November 2007 to undertake the Heat and Energy Mapping and Decentralised Energy Feasibility Study for the West Midlands region.

The full study is available to download (zip, 4.1mb).

The full supporting datasets are also available in GIS format from the West Midlands Regional Observatory. Contact the research and data enquiries service for details.

2 Responses

  1. The heat mapping links don’t seem to work … please can you come back to me on this.

  2. Thanks Alban. The links are working from this end but I’ve tweaked them slightly to a different form. Will contact you offline to try and help.

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