Birmingham boasts tourism boost

Marketing Birmingham released their Annual Visitor Survey 2007 earlier this week.

The research, carried out in August and September last year, indicate that a record 31.9 million people visited the city for leisure in 2007. A resulting £4.4 billion was spent in the city as a result.

The number of visitors was a 1.5 million increase on the previous year, with increases in spending seen in most sectors. Wining and dining proved particularly popular with a reported £55 million increase in spending compared with 2006, but the survey found that it was the retail sector that outperformed others with a £242m increase.

When asked their favourite aspect of the city, it was the city’s canals that proved to be the most popular with just over 20% of respondents saying that the waterways were Birmingham’s best selling point.

The full report includes visitor profiles, data on accommodation, eating out, shopping, leisure and transport. Further data on tourism in the city and the region is available on Marketing Birmingham’s research pages.

2 Responses

  1. It’d be more useful for many to see the figures _after_ shopping/retail sales had been subtracted from the “31.9 million people” / “£4.4 billion”.

  2. There’s an article in today’s Birmingham Post, “Birmingham needs to work much harder to sell brand in Europe” which looks at a report by London-based consultants, Saffron Brand. According to the article, Birmingham risks falling behind rival cities from Eastern Europe in the battle for tourism.

    “Birmingham did a reasonable job of creating a positive image for itself [but] other British cities such as Liverpool had created a much stronger “brand”, despite having no more to offer visitors than Birmingham.”

    To read the full article, visit

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