Road Statistics 2007: Traffic, Speeds and Congestion

The Department for Transport published Road Statistics 2007: Traffic, Speeds and Congestion on 24 July 2008.  This bulletin includes the first release of National Statistics on 2007 Road Traffic, Free Flow Vehicle Speeds in Great Britain, and Traffic Speeds on the Strategic Road Network in England.

The bulletin also includes further information about congestion on urban and inter-urban roads.  Data is available down to Government Office Region for several of the indicators, providing a useful source of data.

3 Responses

  1. There’s an interesting article in today’s Birmingham Post (31 July 2008) about Brum having the slowest moving rush hour traffic of Britain’s five major regional cities. I’ve emailed the Post to get the link for the research so I can add it into the WMRO Resource Catalogue.

    Full article at

  2. The Department of Transport has released statistics on congestion on inter-urban roads today. The provisional figures suggest that the average delay for the slowest 10% of journeys fell by 5.3%. The average delay for all Strategic Road Network roads fell by 2.3% for the year ending June 2008.

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