Severn Trent Draft Water Resources Plan – Consultation Event

Blue lake in summerSevern Trent’s Water Resources Management Plan sets out how they intend to provide supplies of water to customers over the next 25 years and beyond.  The Plan explains the challenges faced and the uncertainties to deal with in planning for the future. It explains the range of options open to ensure that the future demand for water is met, and it sets out a proposed strategy.

The proposed strategy includes demand management and leakage reduction, as well as new water resource development in the longer term.

This is the first time that Severn Trent have needed to go through a public consultation process and therefore it was a new experience for both sides.

I attended on behalf of the Observatory with a particular interest in the social evidence base used to identify the future demand. Severn Trent have used ONS population estimates and have used housing growth projections from the Regional Spatial Strategies (RSS). We were able to feed in that the RSS figures were in the process of being revised by Nathaniel Lichfield for Government Office for West Midlands.

It was interesting to note that the water companies seem disengaged from the development of the RSS and aren’t engaging as closely as they might.

Other issues that are particularly pressing are the impact of nitrates in the catchment area, leakage from the network and the forecast impact of climate change.

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