Crime mapping in the news

There have been a number of articles on the subject of crime mapping published in the Guardian’s Free our data blog over the last few weeks following Boris Johnson’s pledge to introduce crime mapping in London as part of his mayoral campaign.

The articles discuss the arguments for and against crime mapping and a couple look at the experience of the crime mapping in Chicago.

Here are links to some of those articles:

In our region, West Midlands police are already making crime maps publicly accessible through, and the government appears set to make such maps available across England and Wales according to a recent BBC news article, Online maps to show local crime.

3 Responses

  1. A further article on Crime Mapping has appeared in the Guardian’s Free our data pages if you’re interested!


  2. Continuing with my updates on this subject, the Home Office today issued a press release promising that, “Every neighbourhood in England and Wales will have access to the latest local crime information through new interactive crime maps.” And this will be implemented by the end of the year.

    The press release goes on to state that the crime maps will enable to public to
    — see where and when crime has happened, down to street level for some crimes;
    — make comparisons with other areas; and
    — learn how crime is being tackled by their local neighbourhood policing team.

    For more information, see the press release at

  3. The press release was issued after a visit to West Midlands Police to view, so it’s great that an organisation that’s close to home has been recognised as “being amongst the first” to develop online crime mapping. As a Midlands-based company, we are very proud to have worked with West Midlands Police on the website development and launch.

    A new version of the site will be launched in September so you will be able to see things move forward again then.

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